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Interview with Brian Stys

Brian Stys talks with host Phil Colicchio about the Stys Hospitality Initiative on The business of The Business, on Heritage Radio Network.  You can fast forward the timeline to the [04:00] to start the interview with Brian.

“You have the same amount of moving parts on every job.
Getting that to work together, is very difficult.” [05:23]

“There was no model to follow –  
it was based on treating people with respect and really executing your services.” [15:03]


Project Management &
Owners Representation

In June 2011, Brian Stys decided to take his Twenty Five years of experience in the construction business and form a unique outsource alternative for the Hospitality Industry.
  His vision to provide Owner's Project Management that strictly focuses on the Hospitality Industry was something he felt was a missing option for growing hospitality clients.  Stys considers his offering unique as it capitalizes on his extensive expertise as well as his experience in the successful completion of over 2000 Hospitality projects across the country. Stys has developed the most comprehensive list of industry experts and vendors, a network that he leverages to ensure the client's needs are met or exceeded.

Stys Hospitality's core offering is Owner Project Management.  However, to ensure client satisfaction each project services are tailored to the individual clients needs to form the most effective partnership for the successful completion of the client’s project.